2017 Bangalow Billycart Derby

Bangalow Billycart Schedule of Events

Bangalow Billycart Schedule of Events

Bangalow Billycart Derby 

Sunday May 17th, 2015 EVENT PROGRAM (PDF)
Specifications and Rule Document (PDF)



t. A separate entry form is required for each billycart in each Race Category,

2. HELMETS ARE COMPUTSORY and protective clothing is recommended.

3. All billycarts will receive a minimum of two runs - the first being a practice run.

4. lf entrant and billycart fail to arrive at the start line the race will commence on time.

5. The same billycart cannot be used more than once in the same Race Category.

6. Billycarts entered into age categories 5 - 15 years: driver & passenger must be within the same age category.

7. All billycarts will start from a standing start.

8. No outside assistance is allowed at start line or whilst racing,

9, No pedalling, pushing, paddling or propulsion of any kind is allowed,

10. Billycarts must proceed under their own weight but rocking is permitted.

11. Drivers and passengers must remain seated whilst racing.

12. Billycarts must travel in a straight line: no swerving, weaving or turning from side to side.

13. Any billy carts that crash will be disqualified. At the discretion of the organisers any billy cart crashed into may receive another run, time permitting.

t4. Tag Team rules: three competitors per team comprising three legs using the same billycart i.e. the first leg team member rides billycart down the hill over the finish line, second team member runs the billycart, on foot, back up to the start line, tags the third member who rides billycart down the hill over the finish line.

15. All judges' decisions will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.

16. A billycart or driver may be disqualified at any time at the discretion of the Chief Marshall.

17. Unsafe billycarts, dangerous driving or bad conduct by participants will not be tolerated and may result in immediate expulsion or disqualification from the event for the whole day. The Chief Marshall's decision (or that of their delegate) will be final and binding.

18, All billycarts and drivers must be available for scrutineering between 7am and 8.15am at the top end of Byron Street.

Late entries will not be accepted.

19. The Committee reserves the right to rearrange or cancel events.

20. Three (3) wheeler billycarts can only enter as a "Professional" or "Novelty" category billycart.

21. No refunds.

22. All participants enter at their own risk.

Please note that this event is meant to be a fun day for everyone and participation, not winning, is the desired outcome. lt is designed primarily for the thrills and laughter of the day rather than as a sporting competition.


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